X closeFCA Network launches 'green' initiative with exclusive
brand of earth-friendly flooring

Contact: Rachel Rose
(815) 436-7416
For Immediate Release
March 2007
Joliet, IL. - Answering the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible building materials, FCA Network is introducing its GreenAdvantEDGE brand of flooring products comprised of materials manufactured, procured, or generated from renewable, recycled, or recyclable resources.

"FCA Network is taking the lead among flooring retailers to make environmentally responsible flooring materials easily accessible to concerned consumers," said Olga Robertson, FCA Network CEO. "Any product, whether carpet, hardwood or laminate, that bears the GreenAdvantEDGE brand is guaranteed to consist of materials that have been manufactured through processes that conserve natural resources and reduce air, water, and solid waste pollution. Or, the products consist of naturally occurring resources that are easily renewed such as wool, cork, and bamboo."

Several GreenAdvantEDGE carpets have a cradle-to-cradle recycling story, consisting of backing and fiber recycled from previously-used carpet. In addition, the brand includes carpet made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, or P.E.T resins.

Working with leading manufacturers Shaw and Mohawk, FCA Network is creating a new standard for conservation in the flooring industry. "By offering these products at competitive price points, we are making it possible for environmentally conscious consumers to participate in protecting our natural resources and making the earth a cleaner, healthier place for future generations," said Robertson.

GreenAdvantEDGE brand products are sold exclusively at FCA and FCA Network flooring retailers, and are available to both builder and retail customers.